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The Permanent Word

Come follow the Adventures of me! JB Addley as I attempt to make something of myself!

My 2007 NaNo WriMo Attempt is "Downtown Olympus Town" and can be found here: olympustown.

Works in Progress - as of October 2009

2009 NaNo WriMo Prep.

Project Currently Known As: That Rook Thing (grown-ups)

Annabelle and the Ugly Witch: A Tale of Faerona (9-12)

Short: Jet & Layla's Guide To Romantic Comedy (grown-ups)

Entirely Too Pretentious: Short Stories From an Attempted Author (multiple age ranges) (Also a gift for my Mum, shh)

2011 in Books

Determined to keep track this year. The way I never do.

(Psst! Want to keep up with what I'm reading as I'm actually reading it? I am genuinely keeping my Goodreads up this year. Updated slightly more often than this post.)

Currently: Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

Slipped to the back: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

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2011 in Films

Keeping track of these as well. In that way that I never do.

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I have two sponsors! That makes me so happy, truly.

(Especially considerin' I was sent home from work with earache and tiredness today. Sadface.)

So, as a thank you, here is a little character bio: Olivia Lake, our heroine.

(yes, her name pretty much is half a tribute to Olivia recently becoming the top girl's name in the UK and half a tribute to Fringe's Olivia Dunham* the most arse-kicking of Olivia's around at the moment. Plus, I just really like the name.)

Hopefully tomorrow I will have cause to put up another bio, of the secondary heroine.

Sponsor Page.

*WARNING: spoilers for up to and including S3 on that article.
I am possibly the most foolish person I know - I have about a billion other things I should be doing, after all - but it's Comic Relief, you know, it's Kind Of A Big Deal.

So, here is my deal. I'm going to attempt to write 24,000 words in 24 hours and have them be coherent. Info in that post.

Also: I have created a Twitter that goes along with this but is also my Official Totally Only For The Public Twitter. (People who know me know I have another - but, well, it contains the sort of fangirling that will only cause embarrassment for me down the line. *cough*)

This Twitter won't just be about my writing, of course, but will also feature my views on whatever I'm watching, or what I've been reading, or what I'm playing etc etc. Hopefully there will only be the mildest of fangirling.


All of these things are still being built, of course. I've yet to place a suitable picture into the Twittermachine and I'm still tweaking the jenwritessome community (after Comic Relief I will be turning it into a repository for whatever finished pieces of likely unpublished writing I have) so bear with me as things will be Under Construction.

Unrequited: A FicMix

FicMixes are popular in fandom and, apparently, this is the only way I feel like expressing my vague sense of melancholy, right now.

Unrequited Cover Image washed out clouds

JB Addley presents: Unrequited (Or: Catharsis)Collapse )

Each song is a Youtubes link - to official videos where possible - because, y'know, I don't want to encourage piracy. If you like any of the songs/artists please get to your nearest online/music store and pick up their albums.

Grr. Argh.

As to what this afternoon's cryptic post foretold - please to be directing your eyes to this gallery.

Warning: zombies.

Hopefully, once I find my way around an editing program, there will be video. I took rather a lot of video.

(Also from here to see my costuming for the day.)

ETA: Not my video but some enterprising soul has already cut together some of their footage. It's genuinely quite creepy in places. Here. Gives you an idea of the day. Hilariously you can see the one vampire that showed up. He's the guy up a pole.

Z-Day (T-minus 5 1/2 hours)

It's hard to describe what's happening here in Tyneside. There's this creeping sense of unease, like we woke up this morning to the world holding it's breath. I'm worried.

I have to go into Newcastle this evening, to meet with friends, and I just - you see. The last time Look North was scheduled to go on? It didn't. Just an empty studio for five minutes. I get the feeling the radio stations have been told to say nothing - as cheery pop music pours out of the speakers.

Something is happening in Tyneside, my friends, and I don't know what it is. And that's scary.

We should've taken that item about an overturned chemical lorry a lot more seriously than we did...

A Little Night Tale

Hello! to anyone who is still bothering to read this. I, um, shall attempt to use it more often but no promises. I guess.

This evening, in an effort to stave off the truly devastating boredom of our workplace, a friend and I collaborated (over several pieces of paper) on little story. A storylet, if you will.

Short, sweet and rather to the point. And it amuses me that we both went down the vaguely existential route without ever mentioning it.

Collaborations From A Bingo Hall - D&J, May 18th 2010Collapse )

Notes: I think there are parts of this where it's obvious what was written by D (my friend) and what by J (me) - but others where it is slightly less so, which is interesting to me. D tends towards scientific writing (being a scientist as well as a Bingo drudge) more often than not so it was nice to play creative with him. The story dovetailed together nicely - which, I suppose, is just another example of the ~connection he and I share at times.

Still - it passed the evening admirably and collaborating is a fun feeling. I believe it will be happening fairly often, now that we've started.

Mitchell Joachim on The Colbert Report

This guy's ideas are fascinating and make the geek in me squee.

Under the CutCollapse )

One of things I really enjoyed about the interview was that Stephen Colbert was obviously genuinely interested in what Joachim was talking about.

See their website, Terreform, for more.
Apparently I can't resist shiny things and, like Mr. Gaiman, I've acquired myself a T-Mobile G1. I'm posting from it now!

Yeah. The revolution is here and the geeks are in the lead.

Gods it's terrible but part of the reason I got it was so I could post or Twitter from work.

I will attempt to post more often, guys, I've got things to talk about. Good things.